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About My Business

I build websites for a living. Mostly I build sites through agencies, where clients pay top dollar for myself and a team of other experts to develop a website for them. For some businesses, hiring an agency is well worth the investment. However, for many small businesses and start-ups, agencies just aren’t affordable.

So why build a website with me?

I’m proud to provide a quality yet affordable option for building your site. When you build with me, you get a one-stop-shop; I do exploration, design, development, content creation, and deployment. And since you’re hiring one person instead of a team of experts, you pay a fraction of the cost for your beautiful custom website!

As a freelance website architect, I bring a broad range of experiences to the table. First, my job in website development gives me expertise creating a wide variety of projects. Second, as a lifelong artist, I bring a strong artistic eye to my designs. Finally, and most importantly, I bring a strong history of customer service to every project. As my client, you’ll have my complete attention, and I promise to give you prompt, honest, and friendly service throughout the entire process.

Still have more questions on my development process? Check out my Process below, or send me a message on the Contact page!

My Work

Molly Horton Pottery

Molly Horton is a local Minneapolis potter with a flare for feminine forms. Molly asked me to build a site that showcased the beauty of her work using an intuitive and straightforward design.

To do this, I built her a site that was elegant and easy to use. It immediately draws attention to her works. The simple navigation lets users quickly explore before making their way to her sales page. Also, behind the scenes, the site employs accessible practices, creates efficiencies in page loading, and uses practices that boost SEO.

Shepherd Moon Farm

The farmers at Shepherd Moon Farm had three priorities for a new site. First, they wanted to make it easy to sign up for their CSA shares. Next, they wanted the site to be accessible to all their customers, including people with little web experience. And finally, they wanted to make visitors to the site understand the value of the food they provide to their community.

To make CSA sign-up easier, I created many high-profile places where a user can sign up for the CSA. I also simplified their navigation, which made the site more accessible for users with little web experience. Finally, I created custom Recipe cards, where visitors learn how to use the vegetables they get in the CSA.

Vinna Fitness

The good folks over at Vinna Fitness had a beautiful gym that was vibrant, clean, and friendly. However, their dark, outdated website didn’t convey this to visitors. Furthermore, the site was difficult to navigate, which made it tough for people to register for classes or memberships. They came to me to craft them a website that was as beautiful and welcoming as their space.

To do this, I made a site that’s clean and easy to navigate. An image gallery shows visitors a sign-up button right away, as well as Vinna’s latest offers. A new layout for their event scheduling makes it easy to register for classes. And an updated Coaches page makes users feel like they know the staff before they even arrive.

Angry Catfish

The Angry Catfish Bicycle & Coffee Bar came to me looking for a digital makeover. They wanted to update their site with a clean, modern feel, stunning images, and a great mobile display. Additionally, they needed a calendar for events, and a feed for their Instagram posts.

Their new site is elegant and straightforward. It highlights the beauty of all their products, and shows important dates and up-to-date social media to visitors right away.